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Red MAGA Hat

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Red MAGA Hat with velcro strap. This hat has become a symbol for patriotic Americans everywhere. We started off as the ones who were tired of politicians turning this great country into a socialist state and morphed into victims of their hatred for all that is righteous. Now, we wear these hats to let them know that we’re not afraid, we’re victims no more.

When patriotism is considered radical and deplorable, we stand our accusers in the face, wearing our bright red MAGA hats with grins of glory across our face! Red, White and Blue gleams from our eyes and offends their poor little souls. Our stance of individual freedom and liberty for all offends their very presence, like vampires in front of a cross they wither and hiss out uncontrollable tourette like phrases, “white people are devils”, “Trump supporters are nazis”, “I want to cuddle with a non-binary dildo”. We stand tall like border fences that make them feel emasculated, while they drink their soy based beverage out of sippy cups.

Socialism will never be accepted in America, we will always hold true to the beliefs that our founding fathers implemented in this great countries Constitution. Judeo/Christian principles will flourish throughout, from coast to coast, we are America, we are one nation under God!

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